July Community Night

Join us for Community Night at Pure East and at Pure West. We will be hosting a special Q&A session with Yogi Charu after his meditation class. Discover or enhance your meditation practice with Pure Yoga.


Pure West, Tuesday July 15

5:30pm: Meditation

6:00pm: Classical Hatha

6:00pm: Hot Power Yoga (2)

6:00pm: Vinyasa (2/3)

7:15pm: Vinyasa (2)

7:30pm: Hot Slow Flow (1/2)

8:00pm: Vinyasa (2/3)

8:15pm: Restorative

Please email PureWestRSVP@pureyoga.com to RSVP as space is limited. 



Pure East, Wednesday July 16

5:00: Yoga Nidra 

5:30pm: Slow Flow

6:45pm: Forrest Yoga

7:30pm: Vinyasa

8:15pm: Vinyasa 

Please email PureEastRSVP@pureyoga.com to RSVP as space is limited.