If anyone can help jump start your New Year's resolution it is our master yoga instructor and PXT (Pure Cross-Training) creator Loren Bassett. Learn about Loren's resolutions and how she is able to achieve them with her contagious energy and dedication to her practice.

1. ) What was your 2014 resolution and did you achieve it?
To successfully launch PXT. Yes!

2. What is your 2015 resolution?

To take my brand to the next level as I continue on my path of helping & inspiring people.

3. How do you plan to achieve it?
Staying positive as I work toward my goals. I tend to be more productive setting short-term goals vs. long-term. Life can change in an instant. It helps me stay more focused and confident on my path and not feel too overwhelmed. My inspiration: The Unbroken video, based on the movie, by Mateutz M. So powerful. I watch it all the time.

4. How has PXT benefited your physical/ mental life? 
The physical and mental challenge of PXT invigorates me! I hold very a high standard for myself and am competitive and goal-oriented by nature. I love the constant challenge the class offers in terms of physical and mental strength and endurance. Not once have I left a class thinking it was easy. The timed intervals (vs. counted reps) are effective because it allows you to go at your own pace and work at your own level. PXT has changed my body physically keeping me lean, fit and strong. The yoga principles integrated throughout the class are especially powerful helping me stay positive, focused & grounded. By the end of the class I truly feel a sense of accomplishment.

5. What makes PXT important part of your work out?
I lift weights 2 x week to build strength, muscle & bone density. I practice yoga 3-4 times a week to improve strength, flexibility and balance mentally and physically. I do cardio 5-7 days a week to stay lean and heart-healthy. PXT is a one-stop-shop incorporating all of the one hour! I love the way the class starts slowly with a yoga warm-up easing you into the workout (plyos, calisthenics, cardio & strength training) and ends with a yoga cool down. I feel that I've gotten everything in by the end.

6. What's your favorite style of yoga to practice?
Hot Power Vinyasa & Yin Yang

7. What's your favorite style of yoga to teach?
Hot Power Vinyasa baby! It's what I love and it's what I do best. The challenge, heat, music, sweat....euphoric!

8. What's one style of yoga you've never tried- but want to?
Kundalini. I tried it once a long time ago. Would love to try it again.

9. What's your one guilty pleasure with food?
Lyndt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

10. What do you recommend to eat before/ after PXT or any HIIT workout?

Before: Healthy carbs, fat and protein. Ex. Rawpothecary's Green Warrior Blended Drink ( with veggies, fruit & hemp protein powder
After: Lean protein, veggies & healthy fat e.g. egg white veggie omelet with avocado or add 1-2 yolks