Meet Liqueteria's Head Juicer Chris Sprenger, and learn about the benefits of juice. Also, stop by our spring celebration party this Saturday from 12:15pm-2:00pm at both Pure East and West. Enjoy complimentary juice and snacks from our friends at Liquiteria. The first 20 guests who sign up for a Liquiteria cleanse at the event will receive 10% off their order and free delivery.

1. How did you enter in to the juicing industry?
I was the unhealthiest person one could be. Having come from running sports bars my diet consisted mostly of chicken wings and draft beer, and after 4 years it started to catch up to me. I needed a complete change of atmosphere and Liquiteria provided just that. After changing from wings to salads and beer to cold pressed juice my life did a complete 180. I was waking up earlier, thinking sharper and looked more vibrant and alive with more energy than I knew I could have. Entering the juice industry has been the greatest life change I have ever made.

2.What sets Liquiteria apart from its competition?
I think it’s a few things, but above all its great taste. We have been making juice for almost 20 years and have perfected our flavors and blends. The other thing that sets Liquiteria apart is the energy. We are having fun and we want people to come in and try something, and not feel like they are entering a pretentious juice bar.

3.What is your favorite Liquiteria juice?
All Greens all the way. You know that old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? An All Greens a day blows that out of the water.

4.If someone is unfamiliar with juicing, what do you recommend as a starter juice? Why?
Our All Greens Apple, Lemon, and Ginger. I know that sounds scary but it’s the perfect mix of green juice, apple and citrus. You would never know you are drinking roughly 5 lbs of produce in one bottle.

5.What is your advice to someone who is new to juice?
If you’re a little nervous about drinking something green, start with a juice that has some fruit like our Grasshopper which has apple, pineapple, and mint with a nice shot of wheatgrass. Then try our All Greens with Apple, Lemon and Ginger or our Mr B which has beet, carrot and citrus. Then work your way to that All Greens.

6.What is your recommended juice cleanse?
That all depends on ones experience with cleansing. For me it would be our level 3 Deep Dive and Heal, but for a beginner I would recommend our Juice Eat Repeat to begin acclimating one’s body to the art of cleansing. You never want to jump straight in; that’s how you overload your system.

7.How often do you recommend a cleanse?
This is a very personal decision and you really need to listen to your body’s needs, but I think doing a cleanse every season is the right way to recharge and reboot.

8.How would you incorporate juice in to your daily diet regimen?
Having a green juice a day will change your life. Keeping your chlorophyll intake up is essential when it comes to maintaining disease free and alkaline bodies. This is especially important during temperature changes.

9. We know Liquiteria serves food as well. What’s your guilty pleasure?
What’s one food, juice you can’t live without? I have to admit the carrot loaves still make my mouth water. Organic and gluten free but tastier than any dessert. My day wouldn’t be complete without sharing one with my fiancé.