Managing Teacher Spotlight: Andrea Borrero

Our expert Managing Teachers at Pure West, Andrea Borerro, has been practicing at Pure for 7 years, and teaching with us for 4. One year ago, Andrea began her journey as a Managing teacher, acting as a guide, mentor, and companion to students and fellow teachers.

Read our interview with Andrea below on her journey with yoga and how she defines her yoga body:

When did you first begin practicing yoga?
I began my Yoga Journey in 1996 - a novice with no basic understanding of Yoga. I fell in love from the first class I took.

How have you evolved with yoga throughout time?
Over the years, my relationship with yoga has morphed, changing with the seasons, life transitions, losses and gains, but it has always been the calm at the center of every storm.

What is your yoga body?
My Yoga Body is my temple and sanctuary. Some days there is more mind-chatter and I sit in meditation; other days, there is less confusion and I move with ease in asana. Some days, my yoga body needs to breath, some days it needs to sweat. Every day, though, it is my refuge and connection back to the source.

Describe your yoga body in 3 words.
Powerful. Vulnerable. Forgiving.

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