Community Spotlight: Christina Ilisije

Our Figure 4 manager, Christina Ilisije, believes teaching offers her the opportunity to inspire confidence in others and push people beyond what they believe they can achieve. We sat down with Christina to chat all things yoga and barre. See below for our Q&A.

1. What do you consider your yoga body?
A yoga body is a thoughtful, purposeful, and endlessly curious one. Each action you take blesses you with a deeper sensation within the muscle and a deeper understanding of yourself. There is always another layer to uncover and each moment holds the opportunity for new discovery.

2. How do you use this approach in your daily life?
This yogic mind-body approach is inherent in how I approach any and all movements. As a professional dancer, I find this type of practice the cornerstone of a true artist on the stage; no two moments are alike, each movement possess intention and fresh choices are always being made, even after the 100th show. As I move, I gain a more comprehensive understanding of what my tendencies are, I address what's holding me back, and I plow forward eliminating the boundaries of disruptive thought to reach physical, mental, and soulful abandon.

3. How do you use translate this approach to Figure 4?
As an instructor of Figure 4, I strive to bring every practitioner to this level of artistic commitment to their movement, so they can achieve their greatest practice in not just their body but in their mind and soul as well.

To take class with Christina, click here.